Law Enforcement Operations

Over 95% of local law enforcement agencies in Nevada are involved in one or more of the following strategies to reduce underage drinking:

Alcohol Sale to Minors Compliance Checks

Using trained "undercover" minors attempting to buy alcohol, law enforcement officers are able to identify liquor retailers that are allowing the sale of alcohol to minors A warning or citation is issued, and technical assistance to avoid future sales is offered. Retailers who decline sales to minors are commended.

Third Party Purchasers and Shoulder Tap Operations

Law Enforcement officers are intervening with adults who are purchasing alcohol and knowingly providing it to minors for consumption. A "shoulder tap" involves an undercover minor who asks adults to purchase for them. If the adult agrees, they are approached by an officer who hands them a warning and a copy of the law. Adults who decline to purchase for the minor are commended by the officer. Some communities are citing adults who complete the purchase.

Control Manufacturing, Distribution and Use of Fake Identification

There are at least 31,000 web sites that help the user create fake identifications. Law enforcement officers engage in routine checks in "on premise" alcohol sale businesses and check the ID's of patrons with a youthful appearance. Offenders are cited for possession of fake ID's and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Controlled Juvenile Party Dispersal

Officers are trained to respond to a juvenile gathering and contain the participants to prohibit them from fleeing and possibly getting into their vehicles after drinking.

Reduce Alcohol Theft by Juveniles

Officers work with local businesses to prevent the shoplifting of alcohol by juveniles.

Reduce Juvenile DUI

Many local law enforcement agencies participate in community education through participation in school presentations and activities such as the "Every Fifteen Minutes" program.

Officers also set up DUI checkpoints during high-risk events, such as graduation, homecoming, prom, and athletic events.

Special Events Control

Local Community events often involve alcohol dispensing booths providing easy access to youth. Officers and community event sponsors are trained to organize these events to appropriately ID patrons and to minimize youth access to alcohol.

The Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) program offers free and low-cost training certified by P.O.S.T. to law enforcement officers in all of the mentioned operations, upon request.