Alcohol Server Training

EUDL developed a two-hour PowerPoint training, Responsible Beverage Server Training Project, with the assistance of the retail industry, law enforcement and educators. Created for on-premise and off-premise location point-of-sale employees, this training may be adapted to meet individual business and law enforcement agency needs. This training is certified by the State of Nevada, thereby meeting the mandatory criteria required in state law NRS 369.600.

College Campus Strategy

"Choice Driven" initiated by the University of Nevada, Reno, is the result of a collective effort with student services program and the Department of Intercollegiate Activities. The focus is to encourage healthy, responsible and appropriate decisions by providing statistics, educational information and alternatives so students and faculty make the decision within themselves to be positively "Choice Driven." Participants sign a pledge and receive a wristband that they will be "Choice Driven."

EUDL Community Assistance

EUDL staff provide on site technical assistance to local communities to review current underage drinking challenges, and assist in creating effective prevention, intervention, and law enforcement strategies, including the review of current local policies and ordinances.


Community Tool Kit

This kit is designed to educate parents and communities about the legal ramifications as well as the health and safety risks involved in mixing teens with alcohol. Community Based agencies may use the materials together to support a community wide initiative, or individually as part of a parent education project, or bother specific needs.

All material is reproducible and is available in Spanish and English.

Download "Community Tool Kit (12MB)"

Juvenile Conference Committee Model (JCC)

Alternative Juvenile Hearings such as the JCC offers a way to return control of minor juvenile misbehavior to the community, by developing relationships between Law enforcement, our judicial system, and members of the community. Assistance in developing a JCC design to meet the needs of specific jurisdictions is available at no expense.

Law Enforcement Operations  (view details)

Over 95% of local law enforcement agencies in Nevada are involved in one or more of the following strategies to reduce underage drinking:
  • • Alcohol Sale to Minors Compliance Checks
  • • Third Party Purchasers and Shoulder Tap Operations
  • • Control Manufacturing, Distribution and Use of Fake Identification
  • • Controlled Juvenile Party Dispersal
  • • Reduce Alcohol Theft by Juveniles
  • • Reduce Juvenile DUI
  • • Special Events Control

School Athletic and Activities Alcohol Use Policy

Through a partnership with the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA), a statewide mandatory procedure was developed to address alcohol and other drug use by school athletes (NIAA informational brochure). This project includes a brief educational video for athletes and parents presenting the most recent information on underage drinking and an overview of the policy. The policy uses graduated sanctions for first, second and third offenses.

Click here to view NIAA Policy Video

Youth Diversion Project

This project was designed to create an "officer friendly" citation procedure, and a diversion initiative that is administrative, thereby deterring future penetration into the juvenile court system. Juvenile offenders receive a mandatory alcohol assessment and in-class alcohol education program, and any other sanctions implied by the court. Costs will vary based upon location of implementation. The program is also available in Spanish. Currently available in Clark County only, but training and technical assistance in the implementation of a Diversion Project designed to meet the specific needs of other jurisdictions is available at no expense.